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International Trade

Let's make our strategy of international trade TOGETHER!

About us

The company was established in order to develope the international trade (mainly in the branch of automotive industry) between business customers around the world.

Having years of experience in the international trade we are able to provide our customers the best tools which will improve their activities.

The Area of our Activity

We work on many markets of the European countries, specifically:

  • the United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • Poland;
  • the Czech Republic;
  • Slovakia;
  • Hungary;
  • Austria;
  • Greece;
  • Estonia.

Due to our experience we can satisfy not only partners from Europe but also customers from other 
countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa. 
Our abilities allow us to broker and work in matters of transport and logistics in our trade sector.

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Our warehouses

We also have storage places in Poland
 and the Czech Republic.

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